Tulip Computers: Designer Fabric Coated Laptops

 - Jan 11, 2006
References: tulip-ego.n_ & ubercool
Tulip E-Go is the future of laptop computing! Hopefully. I hate ugly laptops.

The notebook segment is the fastest growing segment within the computer market worldwide. The development of the notebook segment shows that mobility is becoming a key feature of computers. A recent study on combined data from DataQuest, IDC, Gartner and Forrester, in combination with information from public sources such as International financial papers (e.g. Financial Times) and financial advisers (e.g. JP Morgan) has predicted that the notebook market is to grow strongly over the coming years.

TDIH has identified a growing tendency towards design needs within this mobile computing industry. The ordinary computer has evolved over time from a speciality product to a commodity product. Competition in the computer market is driven by specifications and price, with growing demand by users willing to pay a premium for a (personalised) design computer.

One of the key objectives for TDIH is to become a leading player in this design niche market. Therefore, TDIH has developed the first personalised lifestyle computer, called 'E-Go'. E-Go is a design notebook, with a unique form factor and interchangeable covers. This provides the user with the maximum possible level of personalising abilities and freedom to create a great degree of individualisation. E-Go is a premium quality product with unique quality components (new form factor motherboard) which distinguishes itself by its contemporary design and organic styling.

• A top design and individualistic product;
• Introduction in a fast growing market segment;
• Paradigm shift in market towards design and individualisation focus (same as mobile phone market);
• State-of-the-art, competitive notebook;
• First in a range of design ICT/mobility products.

E-Go will be a 'Dutch-design' notebook based on the latest existing state-of-the-art technology. All design, engineering and manufacturing activities will be located in Europe to ensure the E-Go will comply with the highest quality and design standards.

The keyboards, power supplies and manuals are adapted to world standards. The system specification will be based on the latest state-of-the-art technology that is available close to launch of the product.

State-of-the-art technology is needed to justify the high positioning of E-Go, but the competitive edge/unique selling point will be the design and the design accessories like design bags to cover the product and design mouses. The main accessory, directly related to the design, is the changeable and personalised cover; moreover the E-Go will have the unique Phoenix CMe applications, directly accessible via instant-access buttons and integrated in the bios. The applications consist of recovery and system check tools and a unique application called FirstWare Assistant, that allows rapid access to critical business information from Microsoft Outlook without firing up your OS.

E-Go's initial design has been completed and first tests of the model have resulted in very positive responses. Partnerships are being found with companies that own exclusive, emotional brands. Initially E-Go will be launched in Europe as of October 2005, shortly followed by North America and Asia in January 2006.

E-Go will be incorporated in a separate legal entity, called E-Go B.V., and is expected to enter the market by October 2005.