The Tub Mug Lets You Drink Safely in the Bath

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: tubmug & thatsnerdalicious
Drinking and showering have never gone well together until the Tub Mug came along. This cheeky beer cup has a simple design that makes it a cinch to drink beverages of any type in the shower.

The Tub Mug is a plastic mug that comes with a suction cup. The cup is mounted to your shower's tile and the mug is then hung from it. While this mug seems to be ideal for adult beverages, it was actually designed to drink water from. Matt Soule, the mug's creator, was training for a marathon when he noticed that drinking ice water in a shower was a difficult task. This frustration and a little ingenuity led to the creation of the Tub Mug.