'Trift' by Judith Seng Plays with Saturation, Form and Color

 - May 28, 2011
References: judithseng.de & core77
'Trift' by Judith Seng is a series of wood art objects that experiments with saturation and color. The tops of all the pieces are painted with a bold and vibrant color but the wood base remains exposed for an interesting contrasted effect.

Trift by Judith Seng cleverly plays with form -- each of the pieces has a different shape -- and highlights that with her fantastic color scheme. Seng has mentioned that the pieces have a supernatural aura; Trift by Judith Seng skirts the line between art object and functional piece of design.

This wildly unique objects would look great in pretty much any setting -- from an art gallery to a home living room. Seng has managed to create pieces that draw the viewer's eye immediately towards them.