This T-Rex Car Decal Makes Fun of Happy Family Stickers

 - Oct 25, 2013
References: thisiswhyimbroke
If you're someone who's tired of seeing stick family stickers on people's vans, stick a t-rex car decal on your back window.

The stickers feature a giant t-rex and little people appearing to be running away from it. Underneath the scene is the caption, "your stick family was delicious." This sticker implies that you're someone who wishes people would get rid of their happy family decals on their car because they're just plain annoying.

With this t-rex car decal, you'll get mixed reactions from other drivers on the road. For people who share your hatred for car stickers, you'll probably get some friendly honks and thumbs up. On the other hand, when cars with family stickers on it drive by you may get a mean glare or two.