- Sep 24, 2007
References: style
Leggings hung around a lot longer than most fashionistas expected. We loved the look but it just seemed too retro for long-term appeal. It seems that fashion designers have declared the time to retire your sheer footless tights. But not without a replacement! Make room in your drawers from "treggings," the trouser-legging hybrid.

"Our sources in London report that while thin leggings are officially over, the "tregging"â€"a more robust, thicker fabric version of the beloved original, like a pair of trousers crossed with leggingsâ€"is working its way into the most stylish fall wardrobes (think Kate Moss, in her PVC pair, and Mary-Kate Olsen, who developed a black and gray leather pair for The Row, the line she designs with her sister)," fills us in. "Treggings are snag-resistant and versatile enough to go with everything from vintage tees to bustiers (again, see Moss and Olsen for visual tips)."

At this point, hardly a visual is available, but imagine a pair of ultra-tight, stretchy, soft-material skinny jeans.