Docomo Shows Off its Prototype for See-Through Double-Sided Smartphones

 - Feb 3, 2013
References: nttdocomo & bitrebels
Opaque smartphone screens are so 2012, at least that's what Japanese developer Docomo is hoping for with its new transparent touchscreens.

The idea of a double-sided transparent smartphone brings up a whole new slew of possibilities for the do-it-all devices. Since their Android-enabled prototype supports a touch interface on both sides of the device, skilled users could potentially make use of a whole bunch of applications without obscuring their view of the screen.

Imagine taking pictures or sending text messages without your pesky fingers getting in the way all the time. Docomo demonstrated a Rubik's Cube app that really shows the potential possibilities of its double-sided transparent touchscreens. With smartphone and touchscreen technology moving at a pace faster than the Flash on a caffeine rush, this is one idea that just might stick in future devices.