The Numeric Saves You Time and Space Combining Multiple Accessories into One

 - May 11, 2013
References: geekstuff4u & gizmodiva
The Numeric touch pads are efficient and space saving. With the integration of touchscreen technology quickly emerging, there has been a whole new way of dealing with technology. It’s incredible what you can do with just a few sweeps of your fingers. New touchscreen technologies like the Numeric touch pads are certainly making our lives easier by the day.

The Numeric touch pads combine your mouse and numeric pad into one clever device. It also holds many interesting features like shortcuts for easy execution of the most common functions that are used literally every day like cut, copy and paste. If the print is too small to read on your screen you can solve this by zooming in and out with the swipe of the finger. There are too many great features to list, if you work at a computer every day this is a great product that will make your life much easier.