The 'Touch & Plug' Offers a Revolutionary Take on the Age-Old Wall Plate

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: TouchAndPlug
The Touch & Plug outlet cover plug guide is a simple, low-tech solution for a problem that has existed since the electrical socket's inception over 130 years ago. Many times when we need to use them the most, electrical outlets aren’t as accessible as we would like. They are often hidden behind furniture, in the dark, or perhaps a medical condition prevents us from accessing them with ease. The Touch & Plug provides a solution so refined that if you can touch it, you can plug it every time without hassle.
This first-of-its-kind outlet cover puts our sense of touch to good use, providing tactile features to guide the plug prongs where they need to go into the socket. This invention was created out of necessity and grew into a labor of passion out of a desire to help family members with failing sight.

How did this not already exist? The simplicity and convenience of this device is tantamount to the increased accessibility provided for the less-able population.