This Furniture Series by Tomas Ekstrom is Born of Cloning

 - Sep 21, 2011
References: & yankodesign
It is never quite as simple as appreciating a piece for the way it looks, for something like this collection of furnishings by Tomas Ekstrom comes with a remarkably complex backstory. The designer is not satisfied to deliver delightful items that might be undervalued, so he tells the tale of a sheep named Dolly and her adorable bleating offspring.

Yes, these colorful contemporary chairs and tables come with names and fit neatly within a family tree. Hebridean the black lamb is associated with an ebony surface, and Ouessant with its matching seat. Cheviot is a bleached white perch that can be tucked in beneath the Perendale table. Recounting a story about a timeless freshness and a classic aesthetic, Tomas Ekstrom speaks of his pieces as cloned animals bred for everlasting youth and a designer appeal.