The Toilet Seat Lifter Improves the Home & Relationships

 - Oct 7, 2011
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I'm sure anyone can use the Toilet Seat Lifter just to make things a little easier at home; after all, who wants to lift a finger after a hard day's work?

The Toilet Seat Lifter is a bathroom lid-lifting mechanism that basically says "why bother with the hand when stepping to open up a seat is so much easier?" Think of it like the pop-open garbage cans operated by foot, but for the toilet. It may seem unnecessary, but the fact is most guys tend to forget to leave the toilet seat back down, which is a problem in a relationship situation. The Toilet Seat Lifter will solve that problem because every time your foot is off the pedal, the lid closes by itself. This will avoid all unnecessary couple spats that will lead to men sleeping on the couch.