The Sleek Toggle Remote can Be Used for Your TV, Computer and Gaming

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: carbondesign & yankodesign
I’m sure you’ve heard of a universal remote, but the Toggle Remote takes this idea to heart and runs with it. The remote has the ability to be used with four different devices while offering an ultra sleek design.

A remote for the TV, a keyboard and mouse for your computer as well as a controller for your gaming is what the Toggle Remote has in store. The remote is off when in its natural setting; shifting it up, down and side to side will determine which mode it’s in.

The Toggle Remote is undoubtedly an impressive design that captures the idea of advanced technology.

Implications - Modern society presents so many different stresses that consumers are looking towards their items for some relief. Products with the ability to multitask appeal to shoppers who want to work more efficiently. In order to attract more investors, a company could create more designs that help to make life easier.