Two-Year-Old Titus Ashby is Likely Better at Basketball Than You

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: wptv & neatorama
Watching this video of two-year-old Titus Ashby sink amazing basketball trick shots makes me think about how unfair life can be -- watching a two-year old excel beyond your abilities at anything will do that.

While most two-year olds are learning things like walking and potty training, Titus Ashby is too busy making Michael Jordan look pedestrian. The prodigy in question sinks any trick shots that he puts his mind to. Whether he’s sinking free throws on a net 5 feet taller than he is, going on insane sinking streaks, banking shots off walls or even behind the back shots, it looks like little Titus is going to make millions as a professional athlete by the time he’s 18 sometime around the year 2028.