Timp Lamp is at Home on a Desk, Here as a Light and Not a Ruler

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: pliet & stilsucht.de
The Timp Lamp looks remarkably like the sort of object you might find sitting on a drafting table, serving the purpose of a straight edge and aiding with tasks similar to those undertaken with the help of a T-square. But no, you won't find this minimalist Pliet Design creation lying flat on a desktop, you'll discover it hovering over the workstation surface supported by its perpendicular spine.

A small and subtle vice clamps the well-crafted fixture to any overhanging table of under about 2 inches in thickness. It's been executed to embody a true sense of simplicity, so only the two finely fitted segments of wood are supposed to be discerned as the components of the piece. Of course, a peek under the Timp Lamp will reveal a tubular fluorescent bulb that emits a bright, even and expansive glow over the drawings and documents under scrutiny.