The Tian Yi Vogue China Photo Shoot is Elegant and Sassy

Carrying on the retro, ladylike fashions that have been taking over the fashion world for the past few seasons is the Tian Yi Vogue China photo shoot.

Shot by photographer Zack Zhang for the February 2012 issue of the magazine, Yi poses in some elegant and lovely pieces like blush-toned dresses, cotton candy-pink outerwear, florals -- and my personal favorite -- a stunning white lace, long-sleeved dress.

The 50s-style ensembles are balanced out by some other vibrant outfits, like red pants and a graphically printed jacket, as well as some fierce round shades and tribal prints paired with chunky accessories.

The Tian Yi Vogue China February 2012 fashion editorial takes some looks from several different styles and the result of this mash-up is truly gorgeous.