HOTTEA Created a Gorgeous and Colorful Threaded Canopy

 - Sep 7, 2013
References: unurth & thisiscolossal
By creating his own version of a threaded canopy, HOTTEA has managed to bring some color to a typically boring bridge.

As an already well-known street artist, HOTTEA travelled to New York in order to completely transform a pedestrian walkway into its own ray of sunshine. This walkway, although functional, is traditionally not very attractive. It is made out of concrete and it shows signs of wear and tear.

In the process of making a gorgeous topper to the path, HOTTEA has used over 2,000 pieces of string. It has been done in a rainbow motif, so each piece of thread placed needed to be planned. As a result of this being such intricate work, he spent over 11 hours completing the project.

Through his creation of a threaded canopy, HOTTEA has been able to brighten the daily walk for commuters.