The World's First Mirror Thermometer Called the Mirror Thermo

 - Jan 12, 2011   Updated: Aug 30 2011
References: news.xinhuanet & physorg
Japanese tech firm NEC Avio Infrared Technologies revealed the world's first mirror thermometer called the Mirror Thermo. This amazing reflector can measure and identify a person's skin temperature while letting them check themselves out.

Mirror Thermo has a built-in infrared sensor and alarms when it comes into contact with a person inflicted with flu.

There will be two versions of Mirror Thermo priced in between $1,180-$1,440, with only 5,000 units produced annually.

Implications - With the popularization of products like hand sanitizer, consumers are becoming more closely in contact with their underlying germaphobic natures. With such, companies are presented with the opportunity to create products that capitalize on common consumer fears, such as getting sick.