A New Paradigm in Cooking and Entertainment

 - Mar 3, 2007
References: he-marcelwanders & designcrack
What's so special about a microwave with a chicken on top? It's only that the microwave has a TV built into the door! You heard me. Marcel Wanders, super designer and beloved by all turtleneck wearers, has teamed up with HE, an aged appliance company in need of super designers, to create a line of products that are affordable, clever, and beautiful. There are a number of products I will feature from this new line, but the TV/Microwave is my favorite for its usefulness. You see, I like to cook. I also like to watch TV: and heck, our kitchen is pretty small, so I can't put a TV on the kitchen counter somewhere. Boom! Marcel Wanders solves this problem. It also comes equipped with a DVD, if so desired. Unfortunately, I'm thinking that this product would never sell in America. The sizes of homes in the US, except for a couple of select urban areas, are immense. I haven't been to a middle-America suburb in a long while, but I bet if I were to take a random cross section of homes in one of those mini-mansion neighborhoods, I would find that most kitchens already have two televisions, and not in the need of a wimpy little microwave TV.