The Voynich Manuscript Could Be The Hoax of the Century

 - Apr 2, 2009
References: & postgrad.hobsons
The book is said to be the most mysterious of all time, but could it be a hoax? Four centuries after its appearance in Europe, the Voynich Manuscript still interests researchers.

With over 200 pages of text written in a mysterious alphabet, then manuscript mystifies experts. Nobody can determine the author, origin, language and meaning. Curious drawings of plants, naked women and astrological signs add to the mystery.

Although many consider the manuscript to be too complex to be a mere hoax, Dr .Gordon Rugg, a lecturer in computer science at Keele University, Staffordshire, believes the opposite.

Linguists have also noted that the most frequent words in the manuscript are often repeated three times, a dubious composition according to Rugg, who began tackling the Manuscript and within a month, believed he had come up with the answer that had eluded so many for so long. And that answer? The Voynich Manuscript is... one big hoax.