The Tank Lets You Celebrate Your Saving Effort

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: charlesskender & yankodesign
The Tank is a show of your shower conservation techniques, as well as what temperature you like to take your showers in.

The shower monitoring system, designed by Charles Skender, measures the amount of water a person uses every time they enter the shower, and also presets temperatures so there is no fiddling and meddling around with what is already good in the world. The inspiration for the design comes from the idea of conservation, and celebrating small successes given that less than average rainfalls in Australia have resulted in lowered average yield from dams and seen an increased reliance on groundwater and desalinated water supplies, according to Skender.

The Tank has a user interface on the main contraption, a dial, flow meter, Wi-Fi connectivity—so the information can be fast-tracked to social networks even before you’re out of the shower—and a latching solenoid. The Tank is installed between the shower head and the water pipe, and the flow of water is displayed on the live feedback reader. The "success" of your conservation can be "broadcasted to an online forum."