The Spy Who Raised Me Infographic Debates Facebooking Parents

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: onlineschools & dailyinfographic
The Spy Who Raised Me Infographic breaks down the ethical boundaries of parental Facebook creeping -- a frequent occurence among concerned parents in the online generation. The dangers of Facebook and the Internet are daunting for most parents who are worried about their lack of control over their kid's online activities, as children are learning to use (and possibly abuse) the Internet at younger and younger ages. While Facebook was once exclusively available to college students, its reach has expanded to unborn children and grandparents old enough to remember the war.

While the social network is most critically used by companies looking for insight on perspective employees, parents are using it in similar ways to gain insight into the private lives of their spawn. According to the infographic, 11% of parents joined Facebook for the sole purpose of spying on their kids! While many see this is invasive, others believe in the necessity of protecting children from the vast world of the Interweb.

Implications - As social media's capacities and use continue to grow, the potential for abuse grows larger. While the benefits of the modern Internet world are undeniable to most consumers, many fear its dangers.