'The Reddit Invasion' Infographic Shows the Site's Rise to Fame

 - Oct 11, 2011
References: sortable & dailyinfographic
The Internet has changed the way individuals can access, receive and share news, from the early message boards of the 1990s to the now extremely successful social news site Reddit.com, as Sortable's 'The Reddit Invasion' infographic explains.

Developed in 2005 by two graduates of the University of Virginia, the crowdsourced news page has become one of the leading social media sites in the world, now reaching over 1.6 billion page views monthly. One of the most interesting pieces of info I found in the illustrated chart is that Canadians spend more time on Reddit than any other nation, and a whopping 80% of users are male.

If you're a Redditor yourself, you might want to check out the infographic's breakdown of different user types, from "The Lurker" to "NSFW" -- a user who takes full advantage of the more adult material found on the site.

Not only an extremely up-to-date news source, Reddit.com has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities and education programs. For more info on this incredible growing crowdsourced news site, check out Sortable's 'The Reddit Invasion' infographic.