Sifting Through Genetic Resumes for the Best Employees

 - Jan 31, 2009
The preeminent research work of the Human Genome Project has managed to receive both acclaim and criticism from the global scientific audience.

While the main purpose of the project’s establishment was to better understand the genetic makeup of the human species and our genetically inherited diseases, the outcome of this international scientific research can come to benefit future recruiters as well.

Through further investigation of what makes each individual genetically unique and/or similar, the discoveries made can help recruiters see the advantages and disadvantages that one job candidate has over another.

This ‘genetic resume’ will contain each candidate’s list of personality traits, working or learning habits and their susceptibility for illnesses or inherent diseases, which will help determine how many days that person may have to take off work due to those illnesses. Emerging companies such as Arbita are one of the first to be involved in researching this method of recruitment.

With the implementation of genome-based recruitment, future job candidates will no longer have the ability to over-embellish their resumes by claiming to be more experienced than they are, since all claims can be scientifically proven or disproven by the employers themselves.

The emergence of the genome recruitment method will hopefully do more to level the playing field of the workforce, help employers and recruiters to find the hidden gems and give them a chance to truly shine.