The Prepeat Inkless Printer from Sanwa Newtec is for Upscale Eco-Offices

 - Feb 10, 2010
References: & gizmag
The makers of the PrePeat want you to imagine a world where trees aren’t ruthlessly slaughtered in the pursuit of printing memos and emails. The PrePeat is a revolutionary printer. Not only is it inkless, but it also reprints up to 1,000 times on the same sheet of paper.

How does the magic printing machine work, you ask? The PrePeat uses sheets of paper made from PET plastic. Put the paper into the printer and you get either a new document in black and white or a blank sheet of paper.

All of this tree-hugging comes at premium. The printer costs $5,600 and the paper for the PrePeat is in lots of 1,000 at $3,360 per lot. Hopefully the tech takes off and the price comes down. Hopefully.