The Night You Left by Nir Nod is Covered in White Powder

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: secure.paulkasmingallery
The PK Shop (Paul Kasmin Shop) is releasing a new collection of mirrored coasters entitled 'The Night You Left' by Nir Hod. These four acrylic coasters are each lined with digitally printed white powder and were inspired by a collection of oil on mirror paintings by Nir Hod.

The Night You Left coasters aim to capture the ephemeral and heightened state that comes from excessive partying where drugs are involved. But it also is meant to embody the pain and loneliness that comes from drug abuse. "There is a certain magic in loneliness," Hod explains, "It’s not about drugs or glamour—it’s about the inside world, where you can dream and love and seek a greater truth."

The mirrored coasters are set to be released on September 13 at the PK Shop, but I feel that it would be hard to explain to your guests why it is you left out all your drugs on your coasters.