The New Trend Clothing’s Arie Assaraf Puts the Customer First

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: tntfashion & youtube
The New Trend clothing prides itself on a few things. One of these things is creating trends rather than following them. The brand holds onto that ideal so strongly that it is named after it. The other is putting the customer first. Where many would simply create style and tell others to follow it, TNT and its owner Arie Assaraf create style based on what the customer says.

It’s very seldom that you find a designer who puts ego aside in favor of customer-centric branding. Arie is one of those rare designers. Coming from Israel and creating a name out of very little is an inspiring story on its own, but hearing that he built his massive success through continued patience and loyalty to his customers is even more impressive.

Consistency is key with Arie and The New Trend clothing has been consistently good at providing women with the some of the best clothes on the market.