The Milano Residences Will Be Designed by Versace Home

A Filipino company called Century Properties has teamed up with the fashion empire Versace to create an amazing luxury residence in Milan, Italy, called The Milano Residences. The building will cost over $68 million US and is guaranteed to be amazing.

The Milano Residences will have 53 floors and feature a rooftop garden, spa, fitness center, library and more. The company's goal is to have the project completed by the year 2015. The interior, which will be done by Versace Home, is set to look simply stunning. The featured images show a glimpse of brightly patterned couches, modern leather chairs, mosaic walls and wide open spaces with lots of natural lighting. Aside from creating the interior of the main spaces within the residence, Versace Home is also creating interior ideas for rooms that the residents can choose from if they wish.