Markus Kison CharmingBurka

 - Apr 3, 2008   Updated: Jul 13 2011
German designer Markus Kison has introduced a digitally-enabled burqa that can transmit a photo, or anything else, of the wearer to nearby mobile phones. Kison calls it the CharmingBurka, and claims that the garment isn't forbidden by Sharia or Islamic law.

Reportedly, the high tech burqa has a “digital layer” that includes a Bluetooth antenna, which lets women “decide for themselves where they want to position themselves virtually.”

Implications - For those who thought that women in the Middle East were outdated and behind on the latest innovations, let this hi-tech burqua dispell all those rumors. The CharmingBurka is the perfect combination of technology and fashion that is sure to have many women thinking twice about burqas.