The Habitent Lets You to Bring Your Prius to the Campground

 - Jun 10, 2012
References: habitents & gizmag
In addition to getting superb gas mileage, Prius owners can now sleep comfortably in their cars thanks to the Habitent. This product is a cover that attaches to the back of the Prius. It measures 80 x 40 inches, and provides just enough legroom to let you get a good night's sleep.

The contraption is simple to set up, requiring you merely to affix a few tie-down straps to the back of your car. Sleeping in a car has never been the most comfortable thing ever, but this design at least makes it a bit more comfortable, especially for those who are tall. For those that don't own a Prius, but would like to sleep in the back of a hatchback, don't fear. Habitent is currently working on a patented design that would fit all hatchbacks. For now, the Prius-only Habitent is available for $90.