The Busuu Song is an Attempt to Save a Dying Dialect

 - May 19, 2011
References: save.busuu & neatorama
Just because you may not be able to locate Cameroon on a map doesn't mean you shouldn't give the Busuu Song a listen. Busuu is a language spoken by only eight people in a small Cameroonian village. The Language Learning Community trekked out to this community and made a music video with its villagers in an attempt to help save their language.

The Busuu Song and its resulting video are both funny and a tad bit catchy. The song is sung entirely in Busuu and has English subtitles. The song talks about the merits of learning to speak Busuu such as an increased ability in hunting and flirting with women.

I find the Busuu Song interesting as this seems to be the first time ever that a dying language has taken to the Internet to seek preservation and continuation. I wouldn't be surprised if the language eventually did die out, but I also wouldn't be shocked to see other speakers of dying languages try to make their languages go viral. You can check out the video here. Good luck getting this tune out of your head.