The BreezeGuard and Other Strange Pet Accessories

 - Nov 5, 2008
References: muttmanagers
The "BreezeGuard," developed by Sue Stepanovich, is for those pet owners so absorbed with their animals they’d do just about anything for them. For some that "anything" would be to mount a $250, possibly non-legal, cage to the side of their car.

The BreezeGuard is a contraption which straps to the outside of the passenger side window, allowing pets to crawl out and enjoy the breeze without the looming fear of flying out into the freeway. You may wonder, "Why not just roll up the window?" as have many others, I’m sure. But for those unwilling to let their animal deal with mere A/C, this may be the product of the century.

Stepanovich is the CEO of Mutt Managers, a Dog focused pet product company, and sells the BreezeGuard from her website, It’s available for back, passenger and select hatchbacks in certain cars, trucks, and SUVs. With an ever greatening focus on the health, both physical and psychological of pets, the BreezeGuard is just one of many innovations.

A mainstay in this tradition, is of course, pet apparel which ranges from sweaters to Halloween costumes, even raincoats. Among the more bizarre are toilet training systems for cats, a high tech, selective animal door, even a meal dispenser set to a timer.

If you can treat the image of a cat on a human’s toilet seriously, you’re more mature than I could ever hope to be.