- May 1, 2008
References: tenbyten.org
If you're like me, you're attracted to stories with great photos. If this sounds like you, TenbyTen.org is worth checking out. It features the top 100 current news stories in a photo cube of, you guessed it, 10 photos across and 10 photos high. It's updated hourly and is a great resource for spotting trends!

The whole thing looks like one big mosaic, but each individual image is clickable. Hovering over the photos gives you the top 100 words, corresponding with each image. Click on it, and you'll receive several related headlines. TenbyTen grabs its stories from Reuters, BBC World and the New York Times.

The picture is what grabs your attention; if it stimulates your visual senses, you automatically grow curious and wonder if it will fix your need to discover cool new things.

That being said, it's often the photo or headline that lures me to a piece, but if the first few sentences of the body don't grab me, I usually don't stick around to find out if the story gets better.

Still, this is a great way to check out the top stories at a glance!