Tee Fury Pays Tribute to Mario Cart and Those Pesky Blue Shells

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: chrismcveigh & teefury
The most recent T-shirt design to pop up on the T-shirt-a-day sight Tee Fury is a playful representation of one of the most dreaded moments in Nintendo's wildy popular Mario Cart games. Think back to the days you sat, pajama-clad and happy, in front of your parents' tube racing your way through a Grand Prix in Mario Cart. You're chugging away happily and confidently in first place until you catch a glimpse of the chill-inducing blue shell fixed onto your tail like a spiky homing missile. Your stomach drops and you know your cushy ride has come to an end.

This hilarious T-shirt by the artist Chris McVeigh captures the catastrophic race-changing occurrence brilliantly. Those who played Mario Cart with gusto since it first made its appearance on the Super Nintendo are sure to get a goofy kick out of this geeky gamer shirt. Many Nintendo fanatics can relate to getting unreasonably hot headed over the pixelated destruction a blue shell can incur.

If your happiest memories involving muscling that pesky Peach off the track and the sight of a homing shell make you unreasonably happy then swap your boring white T for this deliciously nerdy shirt from Tee Fury.