The Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System for the Galaxy Nexus is Awesome

 - Oct 21, 2011
References: blogsputerworld & mashable
Android technology, which is operated by Google, is offering more cool new features, data and programs through their recently released Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System for the Galaxy Nexus. This new "edible technology" has a more polished design, an icon tracking feature that shows your most recent activity and allows for the creation of lists to make navigating through your Android much simpler.

The security feature for the Ice Cream Sandwich OS is awesome too, allowing Android users to unlock their device with their faces. Yes, their faces -- and all you would need to do is look into the phone lens. Say Cheese!

The Internet browser has also received an upgrade, providing users with the ability to bookmark and sync sites from their phone to their desktop computers.

Android's new operating system has new widgets and a highly improved camera that can take pictures without any stops. Plus, you can track -- or as they call it, "beam" -- information from different Androids in your area. By tapping the back of the Android phone, the data on your device can be shared with another user.

Also, the new OS has a feature that let's you get right to the point. Can't answer your phone because you're driving or taking a test? Then use quick response, which will allow you to tell someone why you can't answer their call.

New applications come with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS too and many other neat features.

It definitely seems like Google made the Android Ice Cream Sandwich sweet.