PPIB Offers Coverage for Misspelled Kanji and Tat Shop Incidents

 - May 19, 2011
References: tattoo-ins & needlesandsins
If you're a tattoo shop owner, it's probably best you sign up with Professional Program Insurance Brokerage for some tattoo insurance -- do so before a random dissatisfied client decides to sue you over some misspelled words they insisted you ink onto them. Still, there are those who get foreign languages tattoos only to find out later that the translation of the words weren't as inspirational as they thought they were. Whatever your situation, we're living in an age where you can get insurance for anything, so why not get tattoo insurance and make sure you're covered in case any of these awkward tattoo shop situations arise.

PPIB's tattoo insurance covers tattoo artists, shops, apprenticeship programs, guest artists, landlords and property. PPIB's tattoo insurance has already successfully saved one tattoo shop $49,000 in legal fees over a woman who tripped in stilletos in a tattoo parlour.

Not really into tattoos? PPIB also covers piercings.