Star Wars Target Prints Help You Be the Best in the Galaxy

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: snapwidget & firebox
So you want to join the Rebel Alliance? Good, the Death Star isn't going to blow itself up. And if you want to be the next Wedge Antilles, you're going to have to practice. Luckily, these Star Wars target prints will get you up to par in under 12 parsecs.

These Star Wars target prints feature four villains from the original trilogy: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, a rancor and a stormtrooper holding Princess Leia hostage. The target prints measure approximately 16 inches wide by 23 inches high and are available framed or unframed.

The perfect training tool for any new recruit, these target prints don't just provide you with your enemies' weak spot (hint: Bobba Fett's jet pack) but they look good as well.