The TapTapSee App is Aimed at People with Visual Impairments

 - Dec 22, 2016
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TapTapSee is an app that is directly targeted at people who are blind and visually impaired.

Blind people and those with visual impairments face unique challenges that most others do not, and the TapTapSee app aims to alleviate the small instances of uncertainty that they may feel on a daily basis. The app works to detect the various objects that its users come across each day and it works by having the user take a picture, which is then interpreted by the app and spoken out loud. This helpful app could be useful for small daily occurrences such as counting paper cash and determining what type of food to eat from the fridge.

The TapTapSee app works to simplify the life of people with visual impairments and helps ensure that they live independent lives to the best of their abilities.