The Ki-de-Kiru Tape Dispenser by Hacoa Features a Zen Minimalism

 - May 20, 2013
References: hacoa & thefancy
Meant to help cut down on the visual clutter of the workspace and thus promote a clear mind and improved concentration, the simplistic design of the Ki-de-Kiru tape dispenser is sleek and subtle.

Practically any tape roll can be used with this triangular-shaped dispenser by sliding the roll onto the wooden ledge and using the serrated edge as a slicing tool. As a solid block of maple wood, this supply holder does not have any fussy pieces that could fall apart or cause distraction. The geometric shape is pleasing to the eye and aligns perfectly into any corner, making it easy to store tape in a compact space.

Created by Japanese design firm Hacoa, the Ki-de-Kiru tape dispenser is an essential tool to have around the office or other working space.