Make it For 99 Cents

 - Jan 4, 2007   Updated: May 10 2011
The T-Shirt folder looks like the perfect make work efficiency project. Simply flatten a cardboard box so you have 2x (72cm x 25cm) 1x (72cm x 35cm) and 1x ( 36cm x 25cm), write your name anywhere, say Abra-Ka-Dabra... you just made your self a BRAND NAME T-Shirt folding machine for the 99 cent price of a box!

Implications - Consumers are becoming more and more overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that they have in their homes, cars and offices. Self-designed organizational tools allow consumers to customize and personalize their storage spaces to best suit them and their families. This trend appeals mostly to urban consumers who have a limited amount of space due to their location in a downtown core.