Cirrus' The-Jet

 - May 4, 2008
References: the-jet & tuvie
Next time you take the family for a zoom in the sky (wouldn't it be nice to do that every weekend?), leave your old Cesna in the hangar, and get them on board The-Jet by Cirrus.

Crafted from alloy and composite materials, this jet accommodates seven people. It has a special two-door facility similar to coupes. It's also economical since it is powered by a single engine. But what really sets it apart from other small jets and planes is its designer interior. The cockpit is made of glass and is ahead of all other cockpits in terms of technology.

"'Jet Age' takes on a whole new meaning, a more personal meaning, with the opportunity for a personal jet,' says. "Cirrus believes our new emerging class of personal jet will create and fulfill an exciting market sector - the realm between high performance single-engine airplanes and the very light jet (BLJ) class."

Also, in the case of an emergency, the jet's nose is equipped with parachutes for James Bond-style getaways.