These Sushi Diamond Earrings by Hortense Jewelry are Charmingly Miniature

 - May 5, 2013
References: hortensejewelry & ofakind
These sushi diamond earrings by Hortense Jewelry are far more glamorous than those goldfish prizes you can win at carnivals. In case you've began to panic and picket against animal cruelty, it is worth noting that these aren't live goldfish. That is, unless goldfish have magically transformed themselves into solid 14-karat yellow gold with tiny diamonds as eyes.

It is unlikely that will ever occur, but those who have an undying love for gems and precious stones will have their fingers crossed in hopes that it does. Fishing would see a serious spike in interest and many would start to pick up this activity. These handmade Hortense Jewelry pieces are also substantially pricier than the purchase of a carnival goldfish, but the diamonds make it worth it.