Bureau Mirko Borsche Offers His Designs for Free in Super Paper

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: mirkoborsche & itsnicethat
Bureau Mirko Borsche is introducing 'Super Paper,' a free design newspaper in Munich, Germany.

It's a testament to how great Borsche is that he's giving this publication, which prints 15,000 copies, away for free. His images are weird, yes, but absolutely brilliant. They include Kevin McCallister's iconic 'Home Alone' pose, augmented with an extra set of hands which aren't immediately noticeable. That image, along with many others, requires a double-take.

The most notable quality in Borsche's work is his ability to abandon all rules, organically coming up with something that is entirely his own. Warped and distorted, maybe, but entirely his own. This originality and fearlessness is hard to come by, and therefore Borsche must be appreciated as a rare gem.