Sunny Water Lillies Harness Clean Energy as Flourishing Forms

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: thewhyfactory & designboom
Wind farms and solar stations have been under abuse for their supposed detraction from beautiful landscapes, but perhaps the Sunny Water Lillies project will change peoples' minds. After all, power plants don't look too pretty.

The Why Factory of the Netherlands' city of Delft have proposed these colossal blossoming contraptions designed to make the most of the sun's rays, uninterrupted by the shadow of the city. The scheme will be presented at the Aedes am Pfefferberg exhibition called 'Water: Curse or Blessing,' which aims to improve the eco-friendly infrastructure that surrounds the treatment and management of large bodies of water in Southeast Asia.

Each giant petal will be lined with solar panels, and the central reservoirs of the Sunny Water Lillies will store the energy accrued. Mimicking the natural form of flowers and a liquid landscape dotted with sailboats, this proposal makes a poetic suggestion.Photo Credits: designboom, thewhyfactory