SUN-D Prototype

 - Sep 21, 2007
References: & sun-d.blogspot
SUN-D has just finished the first prototype of a screen which actually works without electro-lucent pixels. Each pixel of the 50 x 90 resolution represents a small 3cm plexiglass rod which conducts day- or sunlight from the backside of the display to the front. According to their publications the picture results through the following simple mechanism: "A metal coin is positioned right next to each pixel. As a controlling device, a bar with 50 electromagnets mounted (1 magnet per line) slides horizontally over the matrix. If an individual magnet is activated the coin is moved over the pixel, which prevents any light being conducted through the plexiglass and the pixel gets black."

SUN-D is the winning project of Ars Electronica’s [NEXT IDEA] Art and Technology Grant:
Ars Electronica Next Idea

I can’t wait to actually sunbathe while simultaneously surfing the web on my notebook built-in sunlight display!