Subtlemob Flash Mobbing Gives a Deeper Feeling of Participation

 - Nov 18, 2009
References: subtlemob
Flashmobs have had their day so what is next? Well, the next big thing is a polar opposite of that trend, and it is called a 'Subtlemob' flash mobbing. The experience of which has been likened to walking through a film in real time.

Subtlemob flash mobbing is an art project from Duncan Speakman whose performances form part of the Vauxhall Collective—a series of art events sponsored by the car brand.

People wishing to take part are directed to the Subtlemob flash mobbing site where they are told to download a MP3 player and synchronize their watches.  The beauty of these mobs is that at first glance it is hard to see who is taking part, although this is what gives the participants a much deeper feeling of involvement.