These Stylish Striped Socks are Hiding Something

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: pixiemarket
These striped socks may look average at first, but look closer and you will see what is so different about them. These super cute striped socks replace the white with transparent material allowing you to show off your sexy skin.

These socks are truly unique. Most of the body of the socks are made up of transparent material. At the top are two blue stripes around one red stripe.

These preppy striped socks are made of polyester. These are great if you want to style a sport school-girl outfit but don't want that whole 'white sock' look. These adorable accessories add color to your legs but don't over-power your look.

You could even wear them over tights if you want to be extra bold. These could even be a unique way to style your gym outfit.