Nastya Summer and Ugne Brazionyte Star in a Street Editorial

 - Oct 20, 2014
References: yukylutz & c-heads
Spanish-born, Switzerland-based photographer Yuky Lutz photographed Nastya Summer and Ugne Brazionyte in a street editorial shot exclusively for C-Heads.

Summer and Brazionyte look like a couple of high-fashion hoodlums wreaking havoc on the streets. The girls wear lots of black, lots of leather and particularly aggressive expressions. Makeup artist Elisenda Amoros gave the girls long lashes and bright pink lips, brightening their tough-as-nails look and adding a touch of femininity.

There is a playfulness about the editorial, which follows the girls as they aimlessly wander about. There appears to be no direction, no rhyme or reason, to their journey, but they're having the time of their life anyway. This editorial suggests that, sometimes, you have to break the rules to have a little fun!