The Nano Muaks Double TEE is Designed by the Wearer

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: nonomuaks
Nono Muaks never ceases to amaze with the products that they concoct and reinvent. Their newest novelty is known as the Double TEE. If you were thinking this is just another t-shirt, you would surely be mistaken. Nono Muaks has taken the classic definition of t-shirt and has redefined it!

The Double TEE shirt features no front or back or left or right. Sleeves can be styled in a multitude of different ways. It is quite simply a shirt that relies on its wearer to design. Now one can interact with their shirt and alternate its wearability depending on the style one wishes to ultimately achieve. Isn’t it time you changed it up? For $35 why not give it a try -- or multiple tries?

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