Stormtrooping Is A Job: A Day In The Life Of An Imperial Guard (UPDATE)

 - Feb 25, 2009
What do Stormtroopers do when they’re not protecting the Death Star? That’s right… Stormtroopers are people too - people with lives and hobbies and relationships. George Lucas failed in this respect. He failed to capture the humanity of the Imperial Guards. So, what do Stormtroopers do with their extra time? Take a gander.

Grocery Shopping (Paxton Holley) | Part Time Job (moleratsgotnofur) | Lunch Time (bonniegrrl) | Get Loaded (RedandJonny) | Take A #### (ian_gade) | Mowing The Lawn (RedandJonny) | Get In Shape (Faerydusted1) | Bowl A Perfect Game (laserlightcollecti bles) | Take A Dip (RedandJonny) | Breakdance (redinsect)