The Stockholm Stacked Project by Visiondivision is a Housing Solution

 - Jun 13, 2012
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The Stockholm Stacked project by Visiondivision is a potential solution for the city's huge lack of housing. The Visiondivision team has investigated many ways to create sustainable accomodations for one of the world's fastest growing cities in Europe. The problem of the inner city of Stockholm can be explained by basic economics: there is a larger demand for housing than the supply. This is creating a divide between the wealthy inner city and poorer suburbs because only the rich can afford the housing prices that are on the rise.

Visiondivision's idea is to not build up the suburbs, but to build within the city in areas they believe are not being used to their full potential. Their goal is to remove the current boundary on the height limitations for courtyards so that they can support the growing demand for housing in Stockholm.