The W Magazine Spread by Steven Meisel is a Galactic Wonderland

The creepy alien-inspired editorial for W Magazine by Steven Meisel titled Lost In Cyberspace is seriously trippy. The photo series is a galactic wonderland filled with futuristic styles. The captivating space-inspired photos look like they were taken on another planet. Model Julia Nobis actually looks lost with her facial expression throughout the entire editorial.

The editorial features a lost alien-like soul trapped in transparent spherical bubble. Other photos show the alien model gazing out into the abyss and pondering. The model's head is wrapped in wires and a plastic computer-like headdress.

The editorial is meant to look like an alternate cyberspace. The futuristic makeup, hair and attire leaves the viewer mesmerized. The surreal Steven Meisel editorial captures are truly breathtaking. The fresh and futuristic W Magazine spread is a sci-fi dream.